UX Designer: Blockardia Vincere MVP

Includes Journey Mapping, Iterative Wireframes, Prototyping, Blockchain Design Thinking


I worked directly with blockchain startup founders to help establish their MVP for a new health app at Harvard Innovation Lab. First, I created user journeys and then designed wireframes with Adobe XD to function as an interactive prototype of an IoT device app.


The founders of BlocKardia are developing a health care app to serve as a proof of concept for their blockchain platform. I worked with them to complete discovery, identify user workflows, incorporate feedback, and design wireframes. The final deliverable was a set of interactive prototypes in Adobe XD for three different user types.


contact_support Discovery
search Research
create Design
feedback Feedback
important_devices Prototype

Working on the Vincere app for BlocKardia, I was responsible for designing the user experience. The team had completed research about users and the health aspects of the app which I used to instruct the user flows and prototype design. After each round of wireframes, the team provided feedback which was incorporated into changes that resulted in the final deliverables of interactive prototypes for each user type.

Final Deliverable

Based on conversations with the team and their developer, all wireframes and prototypes utilized UI elements from Material Design to make implementation seamless on the development side. The user experience takes into consideration future roll out on the blockchain and its effects on product design. After MVP, the group will conduct user tests with the prototypes and we will iterate on these work flows.